Suave is a simple web development F# library providing a lightweight web server and a set of combinators to manipulate route flow and task composition.

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Deploying Suave to Heroku

Suave web sites can be as simple as a single F# script which starts a web server, or a full project.

Your application needs to be either a single script app.fsx (plus a Heroku Procfile and dummy.sln file) OR a directory with a .sln solution (plus a Heroku Procfile)

Optionally, you can have a paket.dependencies OR packages.config files

Either way, your application must start a web server that binds to$PORT.

Your Procfile must specify how the application starts.

If you don’t have an app.fsx already that implements your website, then clone an example, putting it in a new directory (replace myproj by a unique project name)

You can one-click-deploy the Suave sample to Heroku by clicking the button below.


Or deploy the sample from the CLI.

  1. Install the Heroku Toolbelt and login to Heroku using the command-line tools:

    heroku login
  2. Clone the sample:

    git clone myproj
    cd myproj
  3. Create a new heroku web app and register “heroku” as a remote you can push to:

    heroku create myproj --buildpack 
  4. Push!

     git push heroku master

When pushing, use an empty user name. You may need to use git auth:token to get a app token to use as a password here.

You can change the buildpack being used at a later date (e.g. to update to a later version of Mono) using

heroku buildpack:set

If using github or bitbucket, find your app on Heroku and enable automatic deploy so you don’t need to push explciitly.

You can look at logs from your web server script using heroku logs.